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I rented a spring compressor from autozone. It took a while. You have to be careful to place the paddle looking part of the compressor low enough to compress the spring enough but high enough to be able to get it out once you unscrew everything. Be prepared to scratch your a-arms and possibly the springs a little. Work slowly, don't use an air ratchet or impact or you'll risk damaging your a-arm a little and your real arm a lot.

One thing that helped a lot was to figure out where to put the top and bottom parts of the compressor on the spring, then bring it to the vice, clamp the paddle in the vice and compress the spring on the bench then carefully bring it to your a-arms and install it.

At one point the compressed spring fell out while we were trying to get it in place. the spring compressor unwound itself and gouged the entire length of the spring as it rode along the coils until the spring was relaxed. Sparks flew and I almost had to change my undies. took less than a second for that spring to completely relax!

Good luck and stay safe.
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