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Installed my Concept One Pulleys & Hedman Hedders

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The Victory Series system was super easy to install. I have the power steering unit with the built in reservoir. It's a real tight fit against the box. I did have to file down one bolt on top of the steering box.
If you need an all in one serpetine system, this is the way to go!

The hedders went in pretty easy from the bottom. I had to lift it real high though. They don't hit the lower A-arm mounts. I was able to install the mini starter with no trouble.I don't have the sterring shaft in however. A couple of plugs are a little hard to get to, but that's the trade off. The seem to fit real good overall and don't hit anything. I didn't ding or hammer a thing.

So for you small block guy's, I would try these Hedmans out.



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No offense but was there a part # for the headers? :confused: That's critical to help others because there might be several #'s.
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