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Inner/ outer whelhouses 66

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Question for you guys doing or have done a 66. I'm in some final line up stages on the rear. I've run into something I need an opinion on. On the inner wheelhouses fitment, If I lift the wheelhouses up to the factory brace. I come up short on metal to weld them to the trunk floor. If I lower them I need to lower the brace/ bracket. What have you guys done if you have ran into this issue.

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you might have them over-rotated toward the front of the car? What brand are you using? I used AMD and the were a decent fit.
On the trunk side flange that meets the flat/upper portion of the trunk over the axle, does the new wheelhouse match up well? there is a flat edge on the wheelhouse that should match up with the flat portion of the trunk. I used that as a guide to tell me if they were over-rotated or not. There is alot of movement in there, you might have to add a filler patch between the trunk and the wheelhouse if you cannot get rid of it. Or possibly get an AMD wheelhouse?
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