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Increase Bucket Seat Legroom Tip 1966

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Decided to look into making the 1966 Chevelle easy to take on long trips. I am 6'1" and weigh 240. My 66 Chevelle's seats has new buns and covers over stock springs. My head will almost hit the headliner in the full back position, and my legs dont extend out enough to be comfortable. My vision is 1/2 in the tinted upper portion of the windshield and 1/2 in the clear lower portion. Only way to see comfortably is to scoot down in my seat and it feels terrible. I built the car with a gear vendors OD to help it want to go on 60-100 mile trips. (3.73 rear gears, 2.90s with OD). Something needed to be done.

Anyways I decided to show you all how to make the 1966 to 1972 bucket seat tracks altered to move the stock seat lower in the back for way more headroom and farther back for more leg room. This involved only drilling 4 holes.

First detach the two tracks from the seat. Remove the side covers as well. The rear portion of the seat frame in front of the rear preexisting holes dives down about a 1/3 inch. I put the track onto the seat frame there and drilled a hole in the seat frame there (feel the metal there it's 2 layers thick). I used a grade 8 bolt, lock washer, and nut there. It moved the seat frame foward about 2 inches.

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Then I saw where the front of the seat track needed holes in the front over the preexisting two nuts in the front of the lower seat frame. I drilled a hole there and used the same bolt there to fasten the seat to the frame. The seat tracks then stuck out 1/2 inch and I cut them off so the seat side covers fit.

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This results in me now able to fully stretch my legs out so it's really comfortable. More importantly my field of vision greastly is increased since my eyes are considerably below the clear/tint line in the windshield. I hope this helps all you guys with bucket seats (1966 to 1972). :hurray:
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Wow, great idea. & thanks for sharing!
Has anyone else done this seat track mod? Ever since I had new TMI sport foams put in my seats they are too tall. I already have extenders but the seats are still to tall and I would like to be able to fit in the car with a helmet on for autocross events.
Last time I had my drivers seat unbolted and out of the car (about 6 or 7 months ago) i looked at doing what was described in this thread. Dont remember exactly what it was but something didnt seem to work out as shown in the thread. So I didnt do the mod. All I can say is unbolt your seat and give it a try. If it doesnt look like it is going to work then just dont drill any holes and return it to the stock position.
I went ahead and completed this mod on both of my seats today, it took me about 6 hours. I also had to replace the chrome piping on my seats while they were apart so that added some time. I give this modification a thumbs up! The mod alowed me to eliminate the terrible looking extender plates I had on my drivers seat while retaining the same amount of leg room as with the plates. The amount of headroom gained is enough that I can wear my helmet (no room to spare but I would have had to bend my neck the way it was). Since the dirvers side went well I also did the passenger so they match. My wife and daughter both complianed about how the seats were taller since the TMI cushions were installed so they will be happier on road trips now. I drilled the new 5/16" front holes in the slider exactly 2" behind the rear edge of the original front hole (that's on the part that gets trimmed off). Put the front bolt into the new front hole location and temporarily snug down the track to the seat base. Use a drill bit to spot the location for drilling the rear hole now then remove the track again for clearance to drill the rear hole. The original track to base bolts are all re-used, just needed four nylock nuts for the new rear bolt locations. I used a step drill to drill a large hole in one spot where the pivot arm for each adjuster touched the seat base otherwise they would bind. Very happy!! Thanks to whoever originally posted the idea many years ago..
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Interesting idea, I had never seen this old posting before.
I've had many customers complain after having their seats done iwth the TMI sportR and Legendary Rallye (both big bolster) foam kits installed, and i have experienced it myself years ago with the crappy OPG foam bricks... The best solution i had seen before was the track extenders AND cutting an inch out of the track feet, but this is clearly easier...

thanks for bringing it back up and posting your results too!
Interesting tip!

Curious about the chrome piping -- mine keeps coming loose; is there an adhesive required to keep it in place?
Interesting tip!

Curious about the chrome piping -- mine keeps coming loose; is there an adhesive required to keep it in place?
Mine had some leftover goo from the upholstery guys who did my covers but the new piping is a tight press fit so I don’t think you need sticky stuff.
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