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In need of some guidance. Partial quarter replacement 1973 Chevelle.

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I'm not sure which path to proceed with the Goodmark quarter replacement.
My '73 is low mileage and has minimal rust around the quarter panels only.
Is it best to attach as much of the panel as possible or leave as much of the original metal intact? Through searching here I've learned it's best to butt weld near body lines to avoid metal deformation. Should I try and use most of the panel and take it up to the top body line or remove minimal and cut out the wheel lip radius and lower quarter areas? The panel is not a precise fit and the side marker light cutout doesn't line up either. Should I cut forward of the light and weld a vertical seem from top to bottom. What about warping in that area?
And yes I realize the wheel housing lip will need work as well.
Disregard the square cut out in the panel, it's a long story. ;)

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The tail panel changed after 1973 so I assume the side marker light placement in the new quarters is consistent with 74 and up models.
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