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This is the first time ever rebuilding a front end.
Also did a front disk conversion.

Conversion is installed now time to plumb it.

Im not going to be using a factory disk/drum proportioning valve.
How can I do this correctly?

My parts right now:
Disk/drum MC
Adjustable Prop valve (rear lines)
10lb Residual valve (rear lines)
Biondo line-loc

Thats basically it.

I know I may not have needed the residual valve but it certainly isnt going to hurt anything.

How do I go about controlling pressure to the front lines?
Some people tell me just use a "T" fitting, others say I need a distribution block and still others say meetering valve.

Im just so confused.

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You can just run a 'T' to the fronts if you want.

The distribution block you've been told about probably has a differential valve in it which is hooked up to the dash light to turn it on if there is a pressure loss. If you don't think that's necessary, don't use it. There is no aftermarket part for that unless you get a stock 67-70 valve.

A front metering valve delays front disc brakes until the rear drums apply. It really only works noticeably under light braking, so is useful for driving in wintery conditions to keep the fronts from locking under light braking. It's also useful in a parade or heavy traffic to keep the fronts from cooking. ECI sells a 'T' metering valve for the fronts. Some people say it reduces front end dive when braking.

The stock 1971 combination valve had the differential valve, metering, and rear proportioning all in one.
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