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where can I find an ignition wiring diagram? Im talking the basic diagram where it shows, example. wire from ignition switch(key) to starter then from starter to distributor. wire from battery to starter to distributor.etc. when I was a teen I had a hull of a firebird that had no wiring.I wired my own ignition with a toggle switch to supply 12V to distributor and a pushbutton to supply voltage to starter, The reason for this Is im having a problem with an ignition short in my blazer and would like to bypass reg ignition wires for troubleshooting. Over time I have forgotten the basic layout for the ignition. man I hate getting old.thanks guys

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A good place to check for automotive reference material is your local library. Here in Chandler there is every thing you want to know about any 79 and later. They have copy machines also.
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