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I have a 1969 396 El Camino with a tilt wheel. The ignition switch needs to be replaced. The directions that came with the new switch are scaring me talking about lowering the steering column per GM shop manual procedures. Is it really as complicated as they make it seem? My 68 Chevelle ignition switch was a snap to replace. I can hear you guys laughing, but something strange happens after you turn 55.
I call them senior moments, when seemingly simple tasks become monumental pains in the rear. Your help would be appreciated...Thanks

Gary Wells
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Yeah, hear you. It's hell getting old.
1, Remove the battery cable.
2, Set the emergency brake.
3, Remove the access panel under the steering column.
4, Put the key in and put the trans shifter into the lowest gear.
5, Loosen and remove the screw and clip under the steering column for the shift indicator.
6, Put the indicator lever back into PARK.
Remove the 2 9/16 nuts holding to the column to the dash and carefully lower it.
7, Install new switch. Adjust it so it moves freely in ON, Park (Off) and ACC.
8, Reinstall column and reverse steps 1-5.
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