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ignition switch removal

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This should be easy; but I've got a problem. The whole dash of my 66 chevelle is out and staring me in the face. I am trying to replace the upper dash strip. Light switch, wipper switch and lighter switch came out like a breeze. For some reason, don't know why; but I am having trouble with the ingnition switch. The Ingnition Switch nut come loose; but won't fully come off the Switch. Don't know if I have the wrong nut, or switch or both and someone jamed them together. Or Am I missing something obvious. At last resort I suppose I could cut it off and buy a new switch nut and a new switch? Help
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Insert the key in switch and rotate counter clockwise to ACC position. Then insert small paperclip into the hole in face of lock.
While pressing in on paperclip, turn key and cylinder further counterclockwise , cylinder will then pull out.

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