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Ignition switch ground

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I just purchased a 65 Nova ( it ok guys, I have a 71 Elky also) It has a 327 & 4 speed. The previous owner mounted a ford starter solenoid up high in the engine compartment to try and cure hot starting from header heat. It works but he has a remote starter button hooked up to it and starts the car this way. Needless to say this is mickey mouse and I want to change it back to starting by the key switch. The switch has to be on anyway for the car to start (continue running) In looking at the ignition switch plug I noticed there is no ground wire on the ground pin connecter. Is this right? The wiring diagram manual shows a ground wire (dg, dark green?) I tried applying a ground jumper to the pin but it still would not start by the key. I've checked the ignition switch itself and it seems to be working OK ( continuity test of ign, bat and sol) I just want to get back to turning the key to start ( spring action in switch is ok and I get continuity from bat to sol when I turn it all the way to the right) Any help will be appreciated.

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Thanks John
Your right, it is a rats nest. This is a 65 Nova SS and does not have a temp light( has a gauge) I guess that's why there is no green wire or ground on the ignition switch. That's one less thing to deal with. I just discovered that the cables( bat and starter) to the ford solenoid are reversed. I'll switch them tomorrow and see if that fixes it.
thanks, Patrick
Thanks Leo, that makes sence.
The Solenoid wire coming off of the ignition key unit is a very small guage (18?) compaired to the large purple one that that attaches to the ford solenoid. According to the wiring diagram it looks like it goes to the fuse panel and then to the solenoid. Is there a relay in between these two points?
Thanks, Patrick
Is the bulkhead connector just a termination point?
Thanks John
Problem Solved!! The guy who converted the auto to 4 speed took out the neutral safty switch and did not reconect the two purple wires. I found them under the carpet, shorted them, turned the ignition key and it started right up.

Thanks for the help guys. Patrick
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