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Ignition switch ground

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I just purchased a 65 Nova ( it ok guys, I have a 71 Elky also) It has a 327 & 4 speed. The previous owner mounted a ford starter solenoid up high in the engine compartment to try and cure hot starting from header heat. It works but he has a remote starter button hooked up to it and starts the car this way. Needless to say this is mickey mouse and I want to change it back to starting by the key switch. The switch has to be on anyway for the car to start (continue running) In looking at the ignition switch plug I noticed there is no ground wire on the ground pin connecter. Is this right? The wiring diagram manual shows a ground wire (dg, dark green?) I tried applying a ground jumper to the pin but it still would not start by the key. I've checked the ignition switch itself and it seems to be working OK ( continuity test of ign, bat and sol) I just want to get back to turning the key to start ( spring action in switch is ok and I get continuity from bat to sol when I turn it all the way to the right) Any help will be appreciated.

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I can explain about the ignition switch ground and the dark green wire if it helps you to unravel the rat's nest.
1, You don't need the switch grounded, or the green wire, to start the car. They only have one other purpose.
2, The dark green wire goes to the temperature sender. As you start the car and move the key past start, the dark green wire gets grounded. This is what makes the temp idiot light come on as you start the car. This is the idiot light test.
3, The body of the ignition switch needs to be grounded. It's the body that provides ground for the dark green wire.
4, the 64/65 Chevelles have a copper strip that the ignition switch mounted through. This strip is grounded by the original radio mounting screws. Suspect that the Nova is similar.
You should have a 14 gage wire coming off the ignition switch. Sounds like the one you have is too small as if someone changed it. There is no relay in between the switch and the solenoid. The wire, from the switch doesn't go to the fuse block. It goes to the bulkhead connector behind the fuse block.
Bulkhead connector contact. On the inside it's the opposite pin from the solenoid purple wire.
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