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If lights are on car won't die

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If my headlights are on, my car will not turn off. I can take the key out and the car wil run until I push the headlight knob back in. Electrical is (obviously) not something I do a lot of. I have a wiring diagram and have checked but can't fugure out why it's happening. I do have a jumper form one fuse to another because one fuse spot was bad, but it's not the headlight one, it's for fuel pump. Am I making things worse here?
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the jumper is probably the problem
you are back feeding voltage through this
if there is a bad fuse holder you need to fix it or install another fuse holder
there are different circuits fed by different power sources on the fuse box
if you don't get the right circuit with the jumper you will backfeed electric where it is not supposed to be when key is turned of
and will still get power to coil when not wanted
also will drain battery when not in use although lights would have to be on (which isn't likely)
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