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IE doesn't detect connection

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I have Win98 and IE 6. I have a connection using a USB Linksys wireless receiver. I have a connection but when I open IE it doesn't detect it and times out trying to get to a page. If I open RealPlayer, which has it's own built-in browser it'll pull up sites just fine. After I open and close RealPlayer I can open IE and it works fine. Any ideas what's causing that? How can I get it to see the connection? I tried reinstalling IE but it made no difference.
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You could try going into your control panel click network and internet connections,click internet options, then click connections, go into LAN settings, make sure the box for automatically detect settings is checked and I would think that would solve your problem, click OK and your done. hope this works for you. Jason.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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