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I bought an ACCEL/HEI Distributor I hope someone can walk me through a couple things that may be obvious. It's for a 350, accel # 59107 & 59107C some of the little unfamilar things scare me like the little baggy of tiny springs, the coil just slips in through the bottom of the cap right? Here's what mainly gets me. it looks like it came with everything, the cap needs some type of housing itself doesnt it? Because the area where the wire harness plugs in from the dist. to the cap should have that little housing area for my red ignition wire, and it does not. I thought this was a drop in unit with everything I need, but it seems like im missing the "hat" on the top of the cap.

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I've never used a hat on my HEI's. I just screw the coil down on top, push the plug wires in place, and go on with life.

The coil wires have male terminals that fit in the cap where you plug in the harness. I don't have a "harness" (per se), so I just plug a hot wire on the hot terminal and the tach wire on the tach terminal. Works mint.

I could give more detailed info if it weren't still dark out. It's one of those things that I have to be looking at to tell you "exactly".

Edit: The post below entitled HEI Wiring gives good details on the wiring, in case my description is confusing.
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