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idiot lights`

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I have a 70 SS and some idiot put a 72 harness in the car, thanks to John Muha I figured somethings out. I need to find out why my idiot lights dont come on when the ignition is turned on, is there a difference? I have the engine out right now being rebuilt, but I am powering the car up to check the electrical system. everything works but the idiot lights, whats up with this, I NEED HELP! thanks steel
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the idiot lights work off the ground
touch the wire that goes to the sender to a good ground and see if light for temp or oil comes on
alt light should come on if you hook up the alt
then make sure the alt housing is grounded
doesn't have to turn no motor needed
also forgot to tell you to check instrument panel
sorry john is right about the fuse
that only supplies the lights that come on
with the headlights
the oil and temp lights
the alt needs all wires hooked up to alt then
alt casing grounded
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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