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Identify engine part

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Anyone know what GM p/n 551472 is and what its application is?
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I think you have a bad part number. GM part numbers were seven digits long going way back (now they are eight iirc) and your number has only six digits. And BTW what is the general description of your part?
It is a good part number. It is supposed to be for a 78 olds Omega 350L engine and is supposed to be a EFE TVS. It likely fits other vehicles but I am trying to verify the p/n. It is obsolete yet is needed to satisfy the Claifornia Emissions Police.
I saw that part but it isn't exactly like the original. I think that may be a SIPVS16.
Click on the link and enter 551472 in 'part search' - upper right.
What color and how many ports are on yours?
Looks llike the original # may have been the 3837622 then superceded by the 551742 and the other two are aftermarket. Thanks, Dan. I never thought about typing in the OE# into the box.:confused:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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