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I think I've had a vacuum leak for the last 8 years

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I watched an episode of "Muscle Car" a week or 2 ago and he put a vacuum pump on a brake booster. He showed that you should be able to get a vacuum reading. It won't pump up quickly like a canister, but after at most 20 pumps, you should get it to hold some vacuum. well mine holds no vacuum no matter how many time I pump it. Looks like I have a bad booster. That looks reasonably easy to change, but how much do you guys think this has been throwing off my A/F and vehicle performance?
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If your brake booster is bad, I would think you would have a hard pedal.

Also, if your booster is good, it will hold vacuum for a long time, providing the check valve and grommet are good. Pull the check valve out of the grommet in the booster, you should hear the air rush in.

The brake pedal rod has to be adjusted correctly for it to work properly also.
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