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I have to agree. I'm tired of getting stuff from suppliers that need modifying or doesn't work as good as they should. The last straw was I ordered water shields from another supplier (MF) and they sent just the front but charged me for front and rear. I contacted them and they are sending the rears. At first they wanted me to send the fronts back because they said they come in sets front and rear. I told them I didn't want to pay for shipping and wanted to install the fronts now. They said I would have to send them back. I said forget it just credit me for the difference and don't send the rears. That's when they said ok we can send just the rears.
I tried installing the fronts only to find the holes don't line up as they should, you have to cut some of the shield. They don't seem to cover the entire panel area and do not have a peel off backing for adhearing as I was told they do. I also bought the SS emblems for the door panels and found that the pins are too short to fasten the tiny mickey mouse clips they give you. I ended up gluing them on.
I admit these may seem like small items but they are just another of those "got ya" from a supplier. From now on I will get my parts from GU, by going there and looking at parts or matching them, or I will buy used good condition GM stuff.

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I do not accept inferior parts from any supplier, but the only supplier that I have never had problems with is Year One. The one time I did get an inferior part from them all it took was one call and my credit card was credited and there was a UPS truck on it's way to pick it up form me at no cost too me. All I had to do was put it in a box and leave it on my doorstep.

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I know everyone has there favorite vendors, but I agree with you, Year-One is also the vendor of my choice, I ordered a part from Ground-Up today, only because Year-One didn't have it.

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