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I need serious help - Temp sensor & TCS?

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I'm almost finished with my restoration however my tech and I cannot figure out the following dilemma:

There is one green wire coming from the dash that should go to the driver side temp sensor. However, the temp sensor (original?) is a two prong not a single prong. I have spent hours researching and everything I read seems to talk about TCS and a second temp sensor that is supposed to be on the passenger side but there isn't one.

How do you know if TCS was really part of the original setup or if someone just put a 2 prong sensor in-place of a single prong?

All the wiring and relays from the transmission to the firewall are connected. No open connectors available. What are we missing?

Is there anyone with first hand knowledge on this?

Thank you for your help.
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I know on the 70's that the 2 wire connector ran to the tcs sender in the pass. side head. The single wire ran to the temp gauge sender in the drivers side head. The cars with a temp light and not the gauge package had a 2 wire sender.Does you car have the factory temp gauge or the light in the dash?
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