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Ok here it goes. I think I've got this figured out but I just wanted to double check the backspacing and tire choice with you guys before I order it all.

The car is a 70 chevelle with stock suspension (looks like its sagged a bit though). Although I will soon be upgrading to stock size disc brakes all around, and 1 inch lowering springs.

I'm going to get 17 inch TT2's, 8 inches wide with 4.75 inch backspace in the front, and 9.5 inches wide with 5.5 inch backspace in the back.

Is this backspacing gonna work?

For tires I was thinking Bf Goodrich G-Force t/a KWS, with 255/45 in front, and 285/40 in the back.

As for the G-Force t/a's does anyone have any opinions of them?

Also I want the tires to be a bit wider than the rim so that I dont scratch the rims if I hit a curb, will theese sizes give me what I'm looking for?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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