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hey all, here is what im planning on running
B&M 144 blower
Holley 750 carb
Summit racing 1105 cam
stock timing chain
GM X rods with arp bolts and polished beams
TRW Forged Flat-top pistons with 4 valve reliefs
Dart Iron eagle 215cc heads 2.05/1.65 72cc
cast crank
1.6 full roller rockers

im planning on keeping the rpm to 5500 for sure no higher than 6000
here are my questions...
what kind of times were you guys producing? im planning on running 373s and a th350, i want to keep the car streetable or id be going with a taller ratio.
my compression is prolly gonna be abou 9:1 with a .039 head gasket, if i go with a .060 head gasket or there abouts, i can get my compression to right around 8.5:1. should i bother? if your running 9:1 with a blower or if you think its ok, feel free to chime in.
im running a stock pulley, any idea what kind of boost i can make? id like to make as much as i can with pump gas what are you guys running?


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I'm no expert but putting a thicker head gasket on to lower your compression ratio is not a good idea. It will kill you quench, which should be somewhere around .035.

Second you will probably only be able to run 5 or 6 lbs of boot w/ 9:1 comp and no intercooler. Or something like that.

Well if that helped at all who knows. Just my $.02.
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