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I have a issue with A arms and springs! Help

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Hi all, I have a 66 BB 396 that I have 90% restored. The front drivers side seems to "sag". The front "leans" towards the drivers side. So today we took the Springs out to check everything out. The bushings are new and in place the shocks are new and the springs are new BB springs (OPGI). The A Arms are original. When we took the springs out it they were not seated correctly in the upper control arm so we set it correctly in the upper. But then the lowers were off on both sides. Is that normal? Are Control arms BB/SB specific? Are shocks BB/SB specific? I'm at a loss. The front also when turning feels like it is "floaty"
It is original steering box, can I tighten it up?

Thanks for the help!
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I noticed on removing my old BB springs that they were not that easy to get out and would be very hard to go back in if that was the case. I went with lowering spring so they went in easy and came out easy when I had to pull them to cut. Going into the upper pocket correctly is a must. But it also has to line up correctly on the lower arm and only lines up one way and must be correct. Shocks are the same BB or SB but SB weaker.. You must line up the bottom of spring to lower arm first when installing, pushing the top of spring into upper pocket as needed. Spring compresser usually needed.
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