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I choppered my 72 vert in half today

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Cross braces are sooo overrated!

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Why?It looks like you had 2 verts and now you have 1 well you will have one when its welded back together.Was the cowl really that bad because I'm wondering if the one in the background has one that's better that it may have been worth fixing also or is it not a chevelle?
I have done the same thing with my 71 convertible. I got a cowl section from another car, bought a new floor with rockers, and have reassembled it. It is currently held together with screws. I reinstalled the convertible top frame to check alignment.

I had to use ratchet straps attached to the top of the cowl to pull the top of the cowl forward so the convertible top would fit the top of the windshield frame correctly.

My question is, how are you going reassemble and brace the firewall section so that when you weld it out, it does not flex, and the convertible top hits the windshield frame correctly?
You guys will see more in my next few posts.... Careful measuring, planning, drilling the right parts to ensure it all fits back the way it should and have metal to weld to. (making sure im not drilling into the panel I want to weld to.

The cowl section wont bend or twist, it can only fit in one spot, then weld my cross braces on. Before the cowl is welded solid, the doors will be on it also.
It won't bend or twist, but it will move back and forth.

Please keep us posted on your progress, I would like to see how you do it.
Thats right it only goes back and forth,,,, I took some really detailed measurements of where it needs to be.

Because mine is so rotten at the bottom, some pieces will have to be sectioned in. So cutting apart the old one will take a lot of time, im trying to save every piece....
Here is the left side of the donor body, this is with the post and cowl removed, the other parts you see (these are ROTTEN on the vert body) were not cut, the inner lower hing post and the piece where the lower fender bolts go. Im going to cut (off the convertible cowl) about 4 inches of my hinge post and about 6 inches of the outer cowl off due to rust. This is why I saved the donor pieces....

The left side is the worst! Im off to start on the right side and get the floor trimmed up....

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Why?It looks like you had 2 verts and now you have 1 well you will have one when its welded back together.Was the cowl really that bad because I'm wondering if the one in the background has one that's better that it may have been worth fixing also or is it not a chevelle?
It was a hardtop body, a tree fell on the roof and top of the cowl... Damn shame (for the owner), the car was in A+ shape....
I think I see whats going on now.The first pic of the cowl that was cut off was similar in color to the on in the background so I thought it was the donor.I don't know why the donor in the last pic is dismantled that way though.Thought you were transplanting the entire part to the vert.I transplanted a cowl from a 65 malibu to a 65 elki in a weekend years back.I kinda hacked it because I did a straight cut through the rockers on both and but welded them together but it came out real good.The roof was a PIA but came out good in the end.I had to swap the vin and cowl tag also because having tags from a malibu on and elki wasn't going to work so well.
Because those two parts left on the donor are gone on my vert. Those whould be next to imposible to get out without destroying something.

One I get whats left of them off the vert body, it should sit right down on those.... Doing it this way will let me use almost every factory seam and spot-weld, the only exceptions are the lower hinge post and outer cowl, but taking these back 4 to 6 inches gets rid of all the rot and allows me to re weld every spot on it....
Good luck, at least you have a frame to work off as a reference. Did a 68 Mustang vert about 8 years ago. Had to build a jig to cradle the unibody while I cut and welded. Was major effort. Frame on body, you re well ahead.
Im getting floors trimmed up now, awful lot of welds! I could of pieced the floors in but I decided on buying a new firewall. Gona be much easier!!!
Wow Dave. You've been busy. I wasn't sure if you would ever get to that convertible. You know how good my body skills are, but I can come over and give you a hand if you need it.
I may need a hand with this, LOL So far I got around 25 hard hours in this. The firewall needs trimmed up and some minor patches here and there. I put it on just to see if my measurement would be close, it slipped right on and stays there by itself. Not even messing with it, its within a 1/4 inch of where it needs to be...

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This is basically what I did on my 68. I replaced the firewall too. Even after a lot of careful measuring it seems like I will have to use some gentle persuasion to make it all fit back together.
It doesn't take much, I got it fitting to all of my measurements real easy but this will be a almost complete car before any welding....
Noting exciting tonight, scraping seam sealer off (cause that crap ruins grinding discs and da paper) and took the top off the vert....

If anyone want better pics or more pics, speak up.... I gota bunch!

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You make it look way too easy, Dave!! I've been waiting and searching for a project on this forum like this, and bam, here we go!!! I'll take you up on that offer of pics whenever you find the time. So far, the ones posted are pretty informative (already have em downloaded), keepem coming.
I'll be doing some what of the same thing, except, no donor car, but do have all the parts in boxes. It's tore down to the shell (thumbnail), ready for the windsheild upper frame, cowling & firewall to be replaced and a few minor repairs to the post area.
Very much interested on the alignment of the front clip. I've got the new floor with rockers it will be going on. It will be pretty much like what Bart did, except for rebuiling the front clip.
So far, by looking at the way your going about it, it's similar to what I have in store for me. I plan to replace and repair the clip prior to yanking it off the floor. I'll just be sliding the clip into the new rocker tangs verses you sitting it up over the lower cowl braces. But either way, they both have to end up sitting in the exact same stance, well, pretty dang close anyway. Can't get started on mine though until this summer after I'm done with contracting overseas. :( But, in the mean time, I'll be checking in on your progress quite frequently. :beers:

Good luck and enjoy!!! :thumbsup: And continue to make it look easy. Looking pretty darn good so far!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Not much progress other than than getting the donor cut up and striped down... I got it to a bare frame and I have yet to get under the car one time!!!!

Lloyd when I get some time , I will upload a bunch to photobucket and get you a link. Im not gona bore everyone here with ever dumb pic.

The firewall and a few other parts will be coming any day, Ill keep it posted as I make some progress.....
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