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Not been a good evening:

A. How the hell do the orange needles come off? Don't they just pop off like a clock? Apperenly not. The shaft broke off still attached to the needle.

B. Did speed warning options come on SS cars? The one I was trying to canabalized was a Malibu.

C. Can this thing be fixed now? Is it worth the trouble or expense to try to have it repaired?

D. My odometer doesn't work in my SS guage cluster so I wanted to swap out the one from the Malibu and while I was at it, I thought the speed warning would add to my options list. But I couldn't just swap the whole unit because the Malibu speedo face was badly faded. Now I don't DARE try to take off the needle on the guages speedo for fear of breaking that one too. Then I'm really screwed.


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