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Hubcentricity again, anyone know of any ring suppliers?

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I had some 15" wheels on my car the fit the bosses the front and rear perfectly. I needed different offsets, so I bought some "Corvette" 15" wheels from Wheel Vintiques. The offsets are just what I needed, but the bores are larger, is that the "Corvette" difference? So, my wheels are being located by the lugnuts. I know on modern cars, that's a terrible thing to do, especially front wheel drives. I'm guessing it has to affect these cars somewhat, too, huh?

If the larger bore is a standard size, and my bosses are a standard size, there ought to be some pre-existing off-the-shelf hubcentric rings. Anyone know of a supplier who does that?
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I agree with above. w/o hub centric rings it is just a little bit of pain putting wheels on. Have to hold or support them just right as you get the lugs hand tight.

Using the lugs that have the tapper to them helps alot and makes sure they seat evenly as you tighten
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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