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Hubcentricity again, anyone know of any ring suppliers?

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I had some 15" wheels on my car the fit the bosses the front and rear perfectly. I needed different offsets, so I bought some "Corvette" 15" wheels from Wheel Vintiques. The offsets are just what I needed, but the bores are larger, is that the "Corvette" difference? So, my wheels are being located by the lugnuts. I know on modern cars, that's a terrible thing to do, especially front wheel drives. I'm guessing it has to affect these cars somewhat, too, huh?

If the larger bore is a standard size, and my bosses are a standard size, there ought to be some pre-existing off-the-shelf hubcentric rings. Anyone know of a supplier who does that?
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Thanks everyone for the replies. Discount guy, my Radial T/A's came from the local Discount store. They used cones on the balancing machine, but then they get centered with the hole pattern. Remember when they had those 5 stud spiders to center the wheel on the machine how it would be on a hub?

I am still dealing with a vibration problem in my driveline. It's probably not the tires, but even still, everything can make a difference. And I have plenty of experience with front wheel drives to make me wonder if it's an issue here. I remember when Enkei wheels were the rage, but they weren't hubcentric on Hondas. Mine were a disaster. I got rid of them. I seems like the Honda spec for radial runout on wheels used to be about .012". And it mattered! I just can't see bolt holes centering wheels that closely.

If I had a lathe, I could cut some steel rings :yes:
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