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HP gains with bigger lift cam??????

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I'm looking for the short general answer here....

I've got a 14 : 1 compression 470 inch solid roller BBC...My current cam has a net lift of .650 with a 280 dur @ .050 110LSA. Timing locked out at 38 Deg. 1050 dommie

I am in Colorado, so air is thin.

For a quick answer.......would I gain more or less than 30 HP at 7500RPM with a .700 lift cam?


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Running cast iron Merlin 320's rect. Port matched intake, but stock otherwise. Cannot run aluminum due to rules. 1.7 ratio rockers

As far as the cam, I would imagine the duration, lsa would stay similar, unless something different would be better?

No idea what the heads will flow, but they should support way more than the .650 cam is providing...

2.300 1.88's valves

Would longer ratio rockers be a cheap and easy way to test the response of a bigger cam???


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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