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HP gains with bigger lift cam??????

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I'm looking for the short general answer here....

I've got a 14 : 1 compression 470 inch solid roller BBC...My current cam has a net lift of .650 with a 280 dur @ .050 110LSA. Timing locked out at 38 Deg. 1050 dommie

I am in Colorado, so air is thin.

For a quick answer.......would I gain more or less than 30 HP at 7500RPM with a .700 lift cam?


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short answer is: I think it depends on the rest of your combo. Especially the cylinder heads being used. If the heads flow enough to fully support and take advantage of a bigger cam, then I think that a 30 HP gain wouldn't be out of the question. The intake manifold choice would be a factor also, and I think to a lesser degree the header primary tube size as well. I believe that if you hire UDharold for the new cam choice, you would not be disappointed.
Would longer ratio rockers be a cheap and easy way to test the response of a bigger cam???


Maybe. I'm no expert in that, but I dunno how much difference you can really expect to see going from 1.7:1 ratio, to a 1.8:1

I think you would be better off talking to an experienced cam expert on this. JMO.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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