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How do you guys think this engine would work for me? See specs below. This is a crate 350 sold by Yearone. I'm concerned that the cam maybe a little too hot for a street car. Would it give me sufficent low end off-idle power? Would my stock torque converter work? Seems like a good deal for $3000.

Engine Specifications:
·Horsepower: 400+
·Torque: 400+ ft/lbs
·Compression ratio: 9.5:1
·Dyno-tested: Yes, includes balancer and 14" flexplate
·Dyno sheet: Included with engine's output
·Vacuum produced: 12hg @ 800RPM
·Recommended fuel: 92 octane
·Max recommended RPM- 6000
·Block: Seasoned 4-bolt iron
·Crankshaft: Nodular iron
·Pistons: Hypereutectic
·Connecting rods: Powdered metal
·Camshaft- Hydraulic roller
·Valve lift:.520"
·Duration @ .050" (int/exh): 218deg/228deg
·Rocker arms: 1.6:1 ratio
·Cylinder heads: Ported Vortec
·Valves: Stainless steel 2.02 int/1.60 exh
·Valve springs: Heavy duty
·Bore x Stroke: 4.030" x 3.48"
·Intake manifold: Dual-plane aluminum
·Oil pan, timing cover, valve covers included
·Engine fasteners: High tensile strength
·Warranty: 12 month/12,000 miles

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I think that would be a great engine that should easily put that kind of power out for another 100,000 miles. Its too mild for me, so hopefully someone else here has purchased one of these to give you feedback on its manners.

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