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How to straiten a rear hood corner?

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Bought a new steel cowl induction hood at Summit for about half price due to minor shipping damage.

Someone dropped it sideways on the passenger side rear corner.
No crease in the metal but now the curve is wrong, bent down too far.

The area is reinforced by a right angle of metal along the edge.
Thinking I do not want to use a hammer here, want to straiten it without metal damage if possible.

I may have to bolt it on just to have enough control and leverage for the repair?

I've been told this sort of damage is pretty common, so what is the common fix?

Also, what to do to prep this factory applied primer for paint?
Lots of angles, cut outs, and such on the bottom making it hard to scuff properly.
Need to paint at least the bottom side so I can install it.
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It would be great if you could show some pictures.

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