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How to remove tilt pins in tilt steering column Need Help!

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I am rebuilding my steering column and I need to get the shifter part of it off(its a tilt auto shift on the tree column). I have the top part off where the key cylinder goes and now I cant get off the part that is the where the tilt pins are. Whats the trick to pulling those 2 tilt pins out?

I need help really as soon as anyone can give it to me. The column's apart in the garage and the cars just sitting there:( bummer.


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The ends of the pins are threaded 8/32 or 10/32?
What I did was to drill a hole onto the center of a quarter so a hex head screw the size thats fits the pin would fit through it.
Then find a socket that is a little larger than the OD of the pin, put the screw through the quarter and then down through the socket.
Now just thread the screw into the pin and keep tighting, it sould pull the pin out.
You may have to stack small washers between the screw and the quarter so it doesnt bottom out in the pin hole "you dont want to break the screw off in the hole" ask me how I know this
Hope this helps?
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