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how to remove the key cylinder from 70 chevelle

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i have removed steering wheel and turn signal cam. i have polked and prodded everthing that i would think would be holding it in, but to no evail. thanks :confused:
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I believe you need to remove the turns signal switch assembly also to get at the spot where you will depress the latch on the key lock assembly. YOu don't need to remove the switch from the column, just remove the screws holding it and with the wires unplugged pull it out 6 inches or so to expose the slot where a thin screwdriver will fit to depress the latch. My chassis manual for the 69 says you can remove the lock cylinder assembly in any postion, lock or run, but you need to depress that latch to get it out. It will be pictured in the chassis service manual.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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