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How to refurb glove box door

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Hi guys,

This is certainly a newbie question, so my sincere apologies! The dash in the 66 Chevelle I just bought was painted by the previous owner and looks great. However, I have the glove box door and the ash tray which were not reinstalled and have not been painted. They look pretty "tired" and are covered with old paint and some surface rust. What is the proper procedure to strip these down to bare metal before I can paint them? Stripper? Sanding? Sandblasting? What do you guys typically use on small parts like this?


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An ashtray and a glove box door are relatively small items and hardly warrants buying a media blaster - even if it's a little hand-held gun.

A small can of paint stripper, some steel wool or scotchbrite pads and an old toothbrush to get into the cracks and crevices along with a couple of hours of elbow grease should be enough to get both to a point where you can start prepping for paint.

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