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I'm not sure I understand the question exactly, but tightening down roller rockers is no different in concept to tightening down stamped steel rockers with ball pivots. The parts look different, but the function is the same.

Place the roller rocker on the rocker stud. The pivot trunion should have a flat side or a depression that should face up. This flat area or depressed area should accept the base of the lock nuts. You should have gotten special lock nuts that go with your specific roller rockers, you cannot reuse the nuts that were used on your stamped steel rockers.

Thread the lock nut onto the rocker stud and depending on your cam specs, tighten down the nut to obtain the correct lash setting and then while holding the nut in place with an open end wrench, use an allen wrench to tighten down the jam screw in the middle of the top of the nut to lock the nut in place.

If you have stamped steel rockers with roller tips instead of full roller rockers, you would adjust them the same way as stock stamped steel rockers. Some use pinch nuts you simply tighten down until the proper lash is obtained, others use jam screws as outlined above.

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Hydraulic lifters only:
Make sure the cam lobe on the valve you are adjusting is down, so the valve should be closed. Run the polylock down until there is no clearance between the roller and valve and the pushrod and the rocker. Give it another 1/4 turn.
Lock the polylock.

Solid Lifters:
Same procedure as above, but use feeler gauges to set the gap per the cam manuf recomendations rather than giving it a 1/4 turn.

I spun a lobe off a cam because I had a hyd lifter that was jammed and would not compress any. After you lock the polylock on hyd lifters, wait 1-2 min and see if the rocker is now somewhat loose. If not, you may have a lifter that is stuck. If you can't get it to equalize the pressure after the 1/4 turn, you will either need to treat it like a solid, or replace it.
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