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I’m trying to check out my wiper switch. The switch is for a 69 with a type C 2-speed parked wiper motor. I did a search and didn’t find the info I need on the switch. What I did see was that no one makes a switch for the parked wiper motor. I cannot see why the switch would differ but if it weren’t so at least one company would offer the switch as working for parked wiper motors.
In checking how the switch is grounding here is what I found

In the off position (switch to far left) the center connector only is grounded
In the low (center position) both the center and right hand side connectors are grounded
In the high ( far right position) only the right connector is grounded
When the wash is activated (push knob in ) from the off position, the switch shifts to the center position and the left hand connector is grounded

So that with the wipers on low and the wash button pushed all three terminals are grounded

To tell right from left I was sitting in drivers seat with the dash on my lap looking down at the wiper switch, so left is driver side.
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