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how much??

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ok, i know i said i would never sell my chevelle, but after 5 years of me putting it off and off for restoration, i'm begining to think i don't have the time and probably would not have the time. sooo i ask you guys opinion, how much do you think i could sell this for. i'm thinking that if i could sell it for a good price, then maybe i could either add a little more money down the road and get one that is nice already. or actually latelly i have been looking towards getting a F body camaro. but part of me inside really don't want to sell.

70 malibu needs alot of restoration, i don't see any rust in the trunk, but i do see it on the fenders, it does run and i have taken it on a 200mile road trip no problem.

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realistically I'd say $2000, but in todays 70 SS fever pitched market, you can prob get 3-4000
because odds are it will be cloned into an SS
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