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How many made exactly? 67 4dr sport sedans?

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I have a friend who is restoring a 1967 4 dr sport sedan... which has no post and what normally was called a hardtop style roof for most automobiles...

Chevy had to be different and call the body 13639 a 4dr sport sedan...

anyway what the issue is the guy he got the car from claims that it is one of only 25 sport sedans made in the 1967 model year with the V8

we are looking for the information as to whether or not this is true and how to get official documentation as to if this is true or not

thank you for your help

P.S. I'm a Mopar guy so I do know how to find this stuff for Mopars but not GM stuff

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1967, 13639 ~ 11,679 produced
Looks like its 1 of 11,679
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