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How do you remove gas tank?

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OK. I'm into the fuel system work and want to take out my tank. The previous owner had a thin piece of metal strap across the bottom of the tank. I cut it and fully expected the tank to drop down a bit. It didn't. I've got the fuel and vent lines disconnected. Do I need to disconnect the wiring before dropping the tank? Appreciate any help and guidance, diagrams, writing directions with pictures, youtube videos, napkin with a diagram, etc :D
I don't want to start prying on this thing and do more damage than good.

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dont forget to mention that the straps you got from me are STAINLESS steel!
ZekesGarage, you need to fix it or find a good used one.
72SSWagon, it is like a strap of sheet metal and this bolt that looks like a number "7" is hooked thru the strap and the bolt part of the hook is held to the tank strap with a nut.
it is a pretty specialized bolt. maybesomeone has one? i know i do but finding it is another story.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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