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How do you remove gas tank?

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OK. I'm into the fuel system work and want to take out my tank. The previous owner had a thin piece of metal strap across the bottom of the tank. I cut it and fully expected the tank to drop down a bit. It didn't. I've got the fuel and vent lines disconnected. Do I need to disconnect the wiring before dropping the tank? Appreciate any help and guidance, diagrams, writing directions with pictures, youtube videos, napkin with a diagram, etc :D
I don't want to start prying on this thing and do more damage than good.

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HIya Bob,

There is the panel, a forward strap pushing the tank back into the rear of the car, and the lower strap, pushing the tank upwards (this strap may cause the closing of the opening mentioned below).

Get the car really high, so the tank has room to drop straight down, put a jack under it, and completely remove all of the straps (don't just swing/move out of the way), etc. Lower the jack, it SHOULD drop out...

If it doesn't, you may need to push some of the strap attachment points out of the way and gently pull the lower rear corner of the wheel well out to spread the opening so the tank will fall out. On a Vista Cruiser I scored a tank from, we did that all along the lower edge of the rear quarter AND forced (hammered!) it down from above as the opening at the bottom was just too narrow.

Hope this helps,
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