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How do you remove gas tank?

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OK. I'm into the fuel system work and want to take out my tank. The previous owner had a thin piece of metal strap across the bottom of the tank. I cut it and fully expected the tank to drop down a bit. It didn't. I've got the fuel and vent lines disconnected. Do I need to disconnect the wiring before dropping the tank? Appreciate any help and guidance, diagrams, writing directions with pictures, youtube videos, napkin with a diagram, etc :D
I don't want to start prying on this thing and do more damage than good.

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Ok. So after further sleuthing and removal of layers of undercoat in the wheel well I have found the panel that is held in with four bolts which gives access to the fuel tank and the strap holding it in the quarter panel. Turns out the small strap going under the tank was actually there to stabilize the bottom of the rear drivers quarter panel. Got some inner well fabrication to take on now.

Thanks. The tank came out very easy once I got the forward strap off. The lower strap was gone - hence the make shift strap I guess. I got a pair of new ones from Pete and didn't know what the second one was for. Now I do!

Appreciate the help.

Indeed - STAINLESS STEEL! Now I just need to rebuild the inner wall and create a place to connect that bottom strap! I've got a mount for the lower strap on the inside (side closest to the frame) but the outside (inner quarter panel wall) mount is gone. Was there a nut and bolt set up like the strap above?
Thanks Pete. If you - or anyone - have one you can part with or have a picture of one that would be really helpful.

Thanks. That helps. That's sorta what I pictured. Maybe I can find something to modify at the salvage yard.

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