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How do you get HVAC certified

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Am wondering what it takes to get HVAC certified. I recently quit my bodyshop career so I can get back into the electrical field.
Can you get HVAC certified by taking some sort of online classes or classes at a local college? Or is it more involved that one would need to go back to school and get a degree?
Ive got my foot throu the door on a government position and if I had that HVAC cert it would seal the deal.
Thanks for any input...Eric
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Just got my Universal certification in October. A few of us guys got together and had the vocational AC instuctor at the prison give us the test. I'm not sure if you could do it online. The teach kept mentioning a Proctor had to administer the test. Nugent Associates, (1-718-745-1642) was who certified the test after we took it. The teacher sent the test to Nugent. I spoke to this Nugent guy on the phone and he is really hard to understand. If you need specifics, I can ask the teacher at the Prison how it all works or I could get you his number. david
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