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How do you get HVAC certified

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Am wondering what it takes to get HVAC certified. I recently quit my bodyshop career so I can get back into the electrical field.
Can you get HVAC certified by taking some sort of online classes or classes at a local college? Or is it more involved that one would need to go back to school and get a degree?
Ive got my foot throu the door on a government position and if I had that HVAC cert it would seal the deal.
Thanks for any input...Eric
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When I got my certification I had to take a class and pass the tests for type l, type ll & type lll but I think all you have to do now is pay 20 bucks and do it online.

if you have electrical background you should do OK because about 80% of airconditioning/refrigeration problems are electrical related.
I have found in my job searching that many of this companies around here do not have "licensed" workers. Usually the business owner has his Master's HVAC and the work is done under his license.
That's how it is here also JR.
Well, that is except for Kansas City Kansas where all of our guys must have a card but that's only so the city can collect more money, no qualifying involved.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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