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How Do I Wire My Alternator?

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My 72 Malibu has an 80's Chevy truck alternator in it (63 amp, internally regulated I guess?) and has been upgraded to an HEI ignition. The alternator's got a 2-wire plug, the red wire runs to the back of the alternator case, the white wire is cut. Is this correct? I just installed a new alternator from Advance Auto Parts, it burned up the regulator in 2 weeks. Any input would be appreciated
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Does this help ?

Well I think the alternator is internally regulated, so this particular diagram doesn't apply, but I will try to find a similar one that does. Thanks for your help.
First, you need to identify the alternator type. If the 2-wire plug has paralled contacts, like so: | | then it is an externally regulated type. If the plug has inline contacts, like so: - - it will be internally regulated.
The contacts are inline - -, so it is internally regulated. My alternator is wired as follows: white (out of plug) is cut, red (out of plug) is connected to the case of the alternator which is wired to the ignition (I believe it is the iginition, the wire runs over/beside the engine towards the firewall then disappears into some split loom), and the BATT connection has nothing connected to it. This setup has worked for the last 2 years, but my alternator recently failed (Due to unrelated reasons I believe). I replaced it with a comparable alternator from Advance two weeks ago, and the internal regulator of the new one failed a few days ago. I'm wondering if it's because of a wiring problem or just a defective alternator. Keep in mind, this is a 63 amp 80's Chevy truck alternator. Also, my horn doesn't work, I'm not even sure if my car still has a horn relay.
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