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How do I prime my fuel system?

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I would like to check for leaks before starting the engine. The Chevelle has been sitting for over a year. During that time, I replaced the fuel lines between the mechanical fuel pump, regulator, filter and carburetor. These are all double flare aluminum, so I really want to sort out leaks and makes sure the flares are good. I could rig up an electric pump as a "puller", but can I pull fuel from the tank though the mechanical fuel pump?
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Good point on "pulling" fuel. I'll have to re-think this.

Potentials for leaks: 11. Sounds like a lot, but each flare nut is a spot and each flare-to-pipe fitting is a spot. Between the fuel pump and the carb is a regulator and fuel filter. Picture of the set-up is here: Shop.html.

It IS a lot of trouble, but I didn't want fuel leaks on a running motor and I already have an electric fuel pump set up for transfer fuel between gas cans. (scroll down on the above link to see it).

From the car sitting, I'm sure the fuel bowl is bone dry, but my bigger concern is leaks, not getting fuel to the carb.
Tom, I may try that, it's easy enough. Anything special you do to plug the vent line? That will push fuel past the mechanical pump? The leak testing I want to do is past the pump.

Novaderrik, I tightened / loosened the flares three times each in a fitting clamped in a vise. I wanted the flares to take set with the line unfastened because I've done this before with the line mounted and it's twisted the tubing. I also grease the nut where it contacts the back side of the flare.
Thanks for the advice. I ended up using my electric pump between the fuel line from the tank and mechanical fuel pump. This was I could turn the watch for leaks in real time and toggle the pump on/off easily.

I ended up with one leak -- and it wasn't one of my flares, it was the -AN fitting on the carb inlet line.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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