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House remodel a/c questions and radiant barrier ??

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Who has done radiant barrier and did it really help? What type did you Spray in ?

I am about to add about 680SF to our house. Should I add a separate a/c system or just replace mine with one bigger system ? Pros and cons for either?

keep in mind this is TX and its hot here
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I've not heard of a spray in radiant barrier. The one down here is silver
faced type that is stapled to the bottom of the truss. The space on top
of it and the roof catches a lot of heat.

I'm in attic's a lot (ac contractor) and I can tell you there is a world of

You didn't say how many sq ft your home is but the largest home unit is
5 ton and with that much added foot you may be over that. My preference
is two units anyway. Nice to have that backup if there is a problem with
the main unit. Also your bills will be less:thumbsup:

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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