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Horns sound real bad!!!

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Ok my horns on my chevelle started to sound real bad out of tone and sometimes they would not work so I went to the junkyard and I pulled two horns off of a 99 chevy full size van and when I put them on they sounded exactly like my old ones did has anyone ever had this problem or does anyone know what is going on? thanks
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In the past I have had horns that were completely inoperative. I don’t recommend that you try this but if you get desperate, throw it down on a concrete floor. There is a diaphragm in there that freezes up and you can bust them loose by just banging them around a little. In most case there is also a tone adjustment on the side. It has a sort of a star looking head on the screw and you can adjust the pitch from high to low just by turning it back and forth.
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