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Horn problems.

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I have a 68 Malibu with a wood steering wheel. I installed the wheel myself about a year ago and connected the horn etc. Everything worked fine up until about a week ago.

I noticed my right blinker not working at all. So I took apart the column (up to the turn signal cam), and cleaned all the contacts. The blinkers work fine now.

Only problem is that I can't get my horn to function properly.

After I got the wiring through, (inserted the spring and plunget, etc.) and before I get it connected to the cardboard piece (the piece that contacts the steering column when the button is pressed to complete the circuit), the horn sounds and won't stop.

Nothing is connected (that I can see) to complete the circuit. It's not grounded anywhere that I can tell.

Right now I'm driving with no horn, and I don't like that.

Someone please help.
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Follow Chad's advice.
A slight modification, if I may, would be to disconnection the black wire off the horn relay before you start. Put your meter between this point and a good ground. This way, there is nothing else connected on the black wire. If I have to guess everything was ok before the turn signal switch was cleaned. Suspecting that somehow the black wire is pinched. Maybe leave your meter attached to the black and ground, and watch it has you take apart the upper column.
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