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Thanks Gentlemen.
First time out with the new 496" in our 78 Camaro

Well the car seriously needs some suspension work.

It`s sitting on the fence and doesn`t know if it wants to be a road racer or drag racer :rolleyes:

I say that because not only does it have 3.23 GEARS it also has a Hotchkis frontend suspension kit with a big swaybar and stiff lowering front springs.

Out back it is also a Hotchkis multi leaf deal meant to lower the car.

So here`s the result...the Hoosier tires were put down to 16 lbs cold. (I suggested 20 lbs)

Only got 2 passs worth mentioning, the first was a total traction failed debacle :thumbsdown: (insert John Force here)

Telling him..."just ease into it, let`s see the MPH...OK !?"

Picking the best of the incrementils from the 2 passes ended up looking like this:

60' ..... 1.65 Et
330' .....4.485
1/8 6.87 Et 102.64 MPH
1000' ....8.968
1/4 10.74 Et 128.27 MPH

It was breaking up at the 1000 Ft mark and I think it has a low voltage issue and was sending the MSD 6AL into convulsions.

So there you have it..and again guys thanks for the input :thumbsup:
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