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hood clearance cowl ind. with flipper vs non cowl ind.

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there is less hood clearance with a hood with cowl induction with the working flipper door apposed to a hood with cowl induction with no flipper door the reason i ask is i need a new hood and would like the one with the flipper door it will be strictly for looks as i am just using a 14" k&n air cleaner assembly. Evenything just fit under the other cowl hood no door my filters a 14"by3" it just doesnt appear like there is as big an opening in air cleaner area on the hood with the flipper door

any help greatly appreciated
thanks pat
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There is nothing on a flapper hood that will interfere (just so long as your air cleaner is centered in the hood opening.) All the mechanical workings are in places tucked out of the way. I have a 14 x 3 air cleaner on my air gap intake and it sits up in the hood by a little but does fit.
Also, if you just want a functional door don't worry about the electronic parts to the cowl induction (kick down switch, relay, inner door) as none of this will really matter unless you just want to have it all on the car. The only thing you will really need is the vacuum pod that connects to the cowl door, the bracket to hold this pod to the hood, the check valve and all the vacuum hose. This will allow the door to open and close based on engine vacuum and save you some $$
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