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holy moly. $140 for 4 pieces of plastic.

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My 67 is missing the radio and glovebox bezels. The speedo bezel is showing its age. So shopping around and i see the new bezels and speedo lens is 139 dollar. Ouch. But at least the parts are available. Used is a option but most of the used stuff looks, well...used.
Okay Ill stop complaining now. Jim
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Im just glad the parts are available. Ive looked at ebay and for what people are trying to sell 45 year old parts that needs to be restored anyway. Im going to bite the bullet and order the parts. Fortunately the el camino is pretty complete, so the new bezels, window/door cranks and a drivers side rear view and I should be fairly good to go... than theres paint, body, alignment, suspension etc. At least its driveable, even though my wonderful dog does nothing but slobber all over the seat. (fortunately I bought washable camo seat cover for the truck). jim
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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